The Most Accurate and Trusted Golf Combine for Competitve Junior Golfers

College Golf Day Combine was created by NCAA Champion Coaches & Tour Professionals to help junior golfers take control of their recruiting experience and maximize their scholarship opportunities.

This state-of-the-art skills assessment evaluates every aspect of the player’s game: ball striking, putting and short game skills, mental game, FlightScope swing analysis, swing videos, personal interviews  and more.

The college recruiting process can be overwhelming for junior golfers and their parents alike… competition for team positions and scholarship dollars is fierce, and it’s easy to get lost in the sea of talented young golfers.

 “These reports are an incredibly valuable tool for junior golfers seeking to stand out in the crowd. I get a real idea of the player as a person and their potential.”

– Coach Puetz, National Champion Coach

But College Golf Day is more than a simple skills combine… it includes comprehensive online reports and resume-building tools, recruiting resources, parent seminars and more… formatted to give college coaches exactly what they need to evaluate potential players.

It’s important for junior golfers to take control of their own recruitment process. College programs recruit years in advance, and even talented players get left behind. Lots of scholarship money is available, but it can be difficult to apply correctly.

College Golf Day is the answer. Our online reports, recruiting tools, and contact databases help junior players maximize their potential for success at the college level.

QuoteImage-Tee-2 “This is simply the most effective tool I’ve ever seen for remotely evaluating prospective junior players. It gives me data I can use in a format I like.”

– Coach Harrington,

University of Arkansas Little Rock

Our proprietary combine reports and resume builder create an accurate, easy-to-understand snapshot of a player’s development in a format custom-made to stand out in the college recruitment process.

College Golf Day skills assessments are held throughout the country. Find an event near you and sign up today!


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SideImage-Combine-1A comprehensive skills assessment generates a report that evaluates every aspect of a golfer’s game, creating a highly-effective recruiting tool.

SideImage-Resume-1Create & send a complete, fully-editable golf resume, including swing videos, FlightScope report, mental game assessment, golf achievements, extracurricular activities, and more.

SideImage-Flightscope-2FlightScope uses military-grade 3D doppler radar to track 27 different aspects of your swing and ball flight. As part of the College Golf Day combine, FlightScope captures in-depth information across a variety of club lengths and swing types. 


YOU Can Play College Golf – Take Control of Your Future!

A state-of-the-art FlightScope evaluation provides a massive amount of data to scientifically assess swing mechanics, striking power, accuracy, and precision.


Pitching and chipping shots from multiple target distances of 5 to 30 yards, 2 bunker/sand shots from varied terrain, and 2 short-sided save shots are scored and evaluated.


16 total puts from both 3′ and 6′ distances measure precision and accuracy, while varied elevation putts provide uphill / downhill / flat scores from 15- 30 foot distances.


Swing videos are recorded from face-on and rear angles, with a wedge, 6-iron, and driver. These videos are available in the online report, and can be easily linked to by college coaches.



“This combine is simply the most effective tool I’ve ever seen for remotely evaluating junior players. Insight from this system helped me build a championship team.” – Andy Walker, NCAA Champion

“The entire event was very well-run and organized… you could tell the staff were real pros who really wanted the kids to have a great experience. We all came out of the combine re-energized and motivated for this fall.”

-Betsy W, Parent


“The report really let me see my game scientifically. After the combine, I have a much better idea where I am and what my potential is, and I’m determined to work even harder now.” – Geraldine F, Unv of Texas Rio Grande Valley