College Golf Day was Designed by Championship Coaches Specifically for Junior Golfers

U.S. Golf Combines was created by Andy Walker and Darren Horrell to help junior players navigate the competitive world of college recruiting.

After a successful college and professional golf career, Andy Walker became a national-champion NJCAA collegiate coach… and as a smaller program, had to rely heavily on highly-successful recruiting. But as he expanded his own recruiting program, he found that junior players and their families had very few resources available to help them weather the complex recruiting experience.

   “With these reports, junior players can apply to programs anywhere in the country.  The scholarship money is out there… we just give kids the tools to go out and get it.”

Reaching out to college and university coaches at every level (NJCAA, NAIA, NCAA), Andy and Darren found out that different coaches are looking for different specific traits in players… traits that tournament scores don’t necessarily provide. They quickly realized it was time for college golf recruiting to evolve.

Andy and Darren set out to create a scientific way to evaluate every aspect of a player’s game, and generate a comprehensive report about a player’s strong and weak points, as well as their potential for success at the college level and beyond.

“I’ve proven that there are kids out there that can play at the college level who are being overlooked by the larger programs. We want to help these junior players take control of their future and find a place to play… and succeed… in college and beyond.”

Using their new combine system, Andy immediately went on to win the NJCAA Championship with a team made up of 5 freshman who had been overlooked by the larger programs.

Their concept proven, the team expanded the report to include full online resumes, personal interview videos, and a slew of recruiting resources for players and their families.

“If all coaches had access to this combine and all-around game assessment information,” says Andy, “these high school players could showcase their strengths and potential as collegiate golfers to programs anywhere in the country.”

“College Golf Day is unique because it’s a system we developed for our own use,” Darren notes, “we only decided to expand it once we saw how helpful it was to both the kids and the coaches. We know it works, because it works for us. We use it, and we succeed with it.”

Golf combine events are being scheduled across the country right now.

SideImage-Andy-1“Only recruiting players who are winning major national tournaments is a thing of the past. With these combine reports I can look for specific skills that appeal to me in junior players… I recruit potential. These reports show me that potential.”




About-Andy-2Andy Walker

After Andy was named NJCAA All-American in his first season at Scottsdale Community College, he moved on to play at Pepperdine University, ultimately being chosen as an All-West Conference Selection and leading his team to the 1997 NCAA Title.

He went on to a very successful professional career, playing on various pro tours around the world (PGA Tour, Web.com Tour, PGA Tour Canada, Swingthought.com Tour, Gateway Tour) garnering 28 professional victories across 11 years.

As head coach at South Mountain Community College, he led his team to back-to-back 2015 and 2016 NJCAA Div. II National Championships using the combine system he developed.

About-Darren-1Darren Horrell

As the Director of Strategic Partnerships, Darren is instrumental in developing our success across the golf industry, from junior golf to college and beyond. His deep knowledge of the program is invaluable.

With deep connections throughout the golf world, Darren has expanded our reach and created a revolutionary program that is recognized by the top NCAA Div I, Div II, Div III, NAIA, and NJCAA college and university programs in the country, and is poised to become the industry standard.

About-Tommy-1Tommy Habeeb

Tommy has been a leader on the forefront of product integration and marketing from his early days with Dick Clark to today as CEO and president of THMedia/American Television Distribution.

As a reality-TV pioneer with decades of media experience, Tommy has built broadcast, outdoor, print, and social media campaigns that have reached throughout the country and across all generational barriers, from milliennials to senior citizens.


Thank you for interest in U.S. Golf Combines and for giving us the opportunity to help your child with fulfilling their dream of playing collegiate golf!

As parents ourselves, we understand how important and confusing the college recruitment process can be… which is why we focus on providing a relevant, comprehensive evaluation of your player’s skills, professionally formatted for maximum impact with college coaches.  An online account featuring resume, combine information, personal profile, swing videos and more, all work together as the ultimate golf skills report.

The college recruiting game is one where you don’t have time to make mistakes, so College Golf Day makes sure you’re educated throughout the whole process. The tools provided to combine attendees will not only give you access to every college and university golf coach in the country, but will show you where your child could fit into each college and university program.

Playing college golf is a dream for thousands of junior golfers… but what does “Playing College Golf ” really mean? AT USGC we have proprietary information and partnerships that will show you a realistic perspective of where your child will actually travel and play, how their scores stack up on each college team, and how their scores would fare in college tournaments at every level from junior college to NCAA events. Parents are always amazed at how this information opens theirs eyes to all of the possibilities for their children to play collegiate golf.

Building the complete student-athlete is the ultimate goal for all of us. There’s a college golf program for every junior golfer!


“College Golf Day was a real eye-opener… we found out exactly where she stood in relation to her competition, and what college golf programs might be the best match for her. She’s really excited to play golf in college.”

“He’s always wanted to play in college, but we weren’t sure he could get into any of the big programs. The people here have shown us that there are lots of schools where he can play, and even win scholarships.”

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