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Q. How long does College Golf Day last?

Plan on spending up to 5 hours at the golf course. This report gives college coaches a complete assessment of your golf skills, so we encourage players to take the their time and give their maximum effort. There are education seminars and vendors on site as well.

Q. What time should I arrive at the golf course?

When you register for College Golf Day, you will receive an official tee-time. We suggest you arrive 45-60 minutes before your combine tee-time to warm-up and prepare to have a great day. Remember, you will be testing every aspect of your game, so be ready to do your best at every event.

Q. Can I bring my golf coach to the combine?

Yes. You are welcome to bring your coach to accompany you through the combine. Many teams do the combines as a group.

Q. Is there a place for parents and spectators at the event?

Yes. Parents, friends, and spectators are welcome to attend the combine. There will be roped-off areas for players and staff during the combine, to ensure you can fully focus on your performance.

Q. What should I bring to the combine?

Bring everything you’d need to play a round of golf… clubs, shoes, glove, sunscreen… this is a full day of golf activities, so be sure you are prepared with all your equipment. And don’t forget a great attitude!

Q. How do I view my combine results?

Your combine results… including your Flightscope report, swing videos, personal interview video, and customizable resume… will all be available in your online account within 24 hours of completing the combine.

Q. Can I update my resume, tournament scores, and contact info?

Your resume is fully customizable through your online account. We encourage you to keep it up to date regarding your tournament finishes and school accomplishments.

Q. How do college coaches see my combine results and resume?

All your reports can easily be output as PDF files and emailed, or printed out and snail-mailed anywhere you like. As part of your account, you have access to a complete database of college programs and their contact information. Coaches also have direct access to browse players accounts from anywhere in the country.

Group-Tee-1“This whole experience was really, really helpful for all of us… my husband and I feel much more confident that he can find a great college program to play for, and probably earn some scholarship money too. This day has been a huge help.”

QuoteImage-Coach-2“I love taking my players through College Golf Day… it really opens their eyes about their golf skills, I get a better idea of their strengths and weaknesses, and it’s just a really fun way to learn alot about your game. After this, I know exactly what we need to work on, player by player.”

SideImage-Group-2“Every other major college sport uses a combine system to recruit players… finally, golf has joined the club. It’s about time.”

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