“At the junior college level I’m looking to find players that are under the radar and develop them into the top NCAA players in the country. US Golf Combines helps me find those players.
“U.S. Golf Combines allows junior golfers a proven way to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a player’s game and to help them prepare for the next step… [highlighting the] talented players who seek focused results and quality instruction for competitive golf”
“Since the combine we have had great conversations about each assessment and how he can improve his score in each skill. The approach you are taking is awesome! We can tell this was the exact right thing to do at this time in his development.
“Before Emily participated in the College Golf Day Combine, we wereunsure what steps we could take to give her the best opportunity to achieve her dream of playing college golf. After the combine, we got a real assessment of her skill level. Talking to your sta helped us learn that here are plenty of places that would welcome her skill and playing level. The day was valuable, and I would recommend this to any parent and junior player exploring the option of golf in college.